Meet Max Ng - Photographer, Singapore

Here at Passion Parade Co., we strive to build something more than just a brand but more of a community of like-minded people; a safe space for us to feel seen and heard, if you will.

So kicking off - we caught up with local photographer, Max Ng to learn more about his story, inspiration and passion. You may have seen some of his photography work on our page recently and we thought it'd be nice to learn more about the person behind the camera, beyond his work. Max's story is an empowering one and we hope you'll be inspired by it.

Max Ng

Tell us a little bit about yourself!

I am currently a 17-year-old student studying Visual Communications in Institute of Technical Education Central and I am a freelance photographer.

I started photography for the sole purpose of bonding with my grandfather and as well as having an art form where I can express my creativity and passion. I started being around cameras ever since I was born as my grandfather is an antique camera store owner so I would be tinkering with film cameras when I was just a little tiny child.

How did the shoot go and what did you love most about it?

The shoot went really well, we had to walk around CBD for 3 hours to find the location but it was really worthwhile as the location felt really aesthetic and urban and what I loved was that I could really just have fun and be dumb with my really good and closest friend/go-to model, Zakirah aka @doushiyouu while creating content!

Zakirah in our Face The Phase T-Shirt

How would you describe your photography style? Share with us a little bit about your camera gear and process!

I would say my style is derived from the feelings I would like to evoke as well as allowing the viewer to have the opportunity to create a story within their perceptions of the photograph so when I take photos and do post-production, I try to create a feeling/vibe that encompasses the emotions and energy of what I would like to exude.

I've heard people saying that all you need is a really high-end camera to make good quality photos but well, I'm using a camera that was literally released when I was 8 years old which is the Canon 500D and I use a super simple entry-level portrait lens: Canon 50mm F1.8 STM lens.

Zakirah in our Run Wild, Live Free T-Shirt
Zakirah in our Run Wild, Live Free T-Shirt

What inspires you and what drives you to do the things that you do?

When people feel emotions looking at my photos and that what I'm doing isn't one dimensional but it has weight and emotion to it. And knowing that I haven't hit my peak and that I never will. You may think it is a very negative inspiration but let me explain - by never hitting my peak, it allows for constant improvement and an uncapped skill ceiling which will allow me to mentally skyrocket into complete fruition without ever plateauing.

If you could tell your younger self just one thing, what would that be?

No matter how hard or how far you fall, get back up. You are powerful beyond measure and you absolutely matter to people, and also happiness takes effort but its a fight you don't have to fight alone.

Zakirah in our Face The Phase T-Shirt
Outside of photography, what are some things you love to do?

I am a musician! I've been playing the trumpet since the age of 10 and it is one of my favourite pastimes these days as things slowly build up on my plate and I need to de-stress.

Any wisdom you’d like to share about mental health & empowerment? (Feel free to share any stories with us!)

I have been a survivor of suicide and I am still fighting depression and anxiety every day of my life but I really want to say that it gets better. You may not know it but you truly matter to people. You have faced even harder days and you are still here so don't stop fighting. When we hit our lowest point, we are open to the greatest change.

What's one mantra you live by?
Fuck the odds.

Anything else you'd like to share?

I would like to say that I love every single person that is currently reading this and you are an amazing human being. And also keep me on the lookout, I'll make sure to make it big one day.

Where can people find you @?

@theoddsz on Instagram and if you want to book me for shoots, please contact me on Telegram @theoddsz.

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